Addicted To Black founder Briana Leach was raised in Houston, Texas where she was inspired by fashion at an early age by her grandmother. Briana’s fashion inspiration came from the early years that she spent helping her grandmother get ready for church and social events. Her grandmother would try outfit options on before her scheduled event and ask Briana what her opinion was. She would want to know specifics about hair, makeup, shoes, and accessories. Briana would provide her opinion and this continues to this day. Although her grandmother just needed an opinion, what she did not know is that she was laying the foundation for a passion that little Briana would grow up to love.

Briana grew up to work in the fashion retail industry where she would get to live this process everyday of helping women find jewelry, shoes, accessories, and outfits for their special occasions. She has worked for numerous retailers in the fashion industry and has also specialized in serving the needs of others for over 20 years. Through her retail career she was recognized for her special attention to detail and her heart for customer service.

While working serving the needs of others Briana knew that she wanted to open her own business in fashion serving the needs of other women but she wanted to be creative and do something unique. In 2014, Briana received what she knows was a vision from God to open a boutique, but to focus on the color black. Although the vision was received in 2014 it would still be years before the vision would come to life.




In March 2018, Addicted To Black was launched as an online store that provides exclusively black wardrobe options to women. The mission of Addicted To Black is to inspire and motivate women to step fashionably into their purpose and dress for where they are headed in life.

For Briana, helping women get ready is an intimate process and she does not take for granted the part that she plays in this process. When selecting merchandise for Addicted To Black she thinks about where her customer is going and in her mind she is helping them prepare for that special occasion by providing them wardrobe options to wear. Briana is extremely passionate about the wardrobe options that Addicted To Black provides. She hand picks them herself and will not provide anything to the customer that she would not wear.

Addicted To Black aims to serve the fashionable needs of women all over the world and our goal is for the women who wear our clothing to let their light shine bright in a world full of darkness.